Commute allowance for automobile/motorcycle use (Cases of registering commute distance)

If you use an automobile or motorcycle, you can either register the amount or the commute distance (in kilometers) on the Commute allowance screen.
This manual describes the procedure for registering the commute distance (in kilometers) and applying for it.
*During the payroll period, the commute allowance cannot be changed because the master information is locked to prevent changes.

〈Usage Notes〉
・The only employees who use this feature are those who commute to work by automobile or motorcycle and are additionally told by their company to register their commute distance on the Commute allowance screen.
・To use this function, the administrator must set up the gasoline unit price and other pre-settings.
If you would like to use this function in the future, please contact our support team.

① Click EMPLOYEES [My Profile].
② Click "Payroll" - "Commute allowance" and click "Request a new commute allowance".
③ Click "Add a bland new commute allowance / route."
Or, to add to the current settings (e.g., to register an automobile later in addition to train commuting), click "Add multiple commute allowance / route".

④ If your current commute allowance is already set, enter an end date for that commute allowance  and save it.

⑤ Set the effective start date in payroll in "Commute allowance start date", the Commute method, the Allowance period, and the actual start date in "Start date of use".
Register the one-way commute distance in "Commute distance (km)".

【Commute method】
Select either "Automobile" or "Motorcycle" (if motorcycle commute is allowed) in the red box.

【Allowance period】
Select "Daily" if you are to be paid only for the days you work, or "Monthly" if you are to be paid on a monthly basis.

⑥Click "Submit request."


Click here for the Japanese version of this manual.

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