Make the notes field of the leave request a required (or optional) entry

Company admins can set whether the notes field is required or optional when an employee requests leave.

[Required setting of notes input when requesting special holiday]


① Click on ADMINS "Company settings".
② Click on "Leave" - "Vacation policies".

Click on "Edit" under "Time-off settings."

Under "Leave request note requirements," check the checkboxes for the leave you want to make notes input required.
In the above example, "Paid vacation" is optional to input notes, but all others are required.

Click on "Save."



When an employee selects a leave name for which the notes field must be filled in, a message will appear if the employee clicks "Send request" without filling in the notes field. He/she cannot complete the request.


Required setting of notes input when requesting special holiday

There is another place to set up the notes field to be required when an employee requests special holiday.
Please follow the steps below to make it required

Click on ADMINS "Company settings".
Click on "Leave" - "Special holiday".

Click on the name of the special holiday for which you want to make the notes field entry required.

From the edit screen, change the setting to "Require leave request notes?: On" and save.


Click here for the Japanese version of this manual.

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