Office Work requests (Approval of supervisor is required)

For each day you work in the office, please submit your request in one of the following ways.

Request daily on the check in/out screen
Request multiple days at once on the timesheet screen

[For companies using PitTouch]

Request daily on the check in/out screen

① Click "Submit office request" on dashboard screen.
  *It can be done before or after check-in, in any order.

② The message "Work from office on 20XX?” message will be displayed, click "Yes".

③ The employee will see the message, "Requested to work from office on 20XX.”


Request multiple days at once on the timesheet screen

① In the "Timesheet", click "Office requests" at the top of the screen.
    *Or click "Days worked in office" on the right side of the target month.

② Select the days worked in the office.
③ Click “Request selected”.

④ "Requested to work from office on selected dates." is displayed at the top of the screen.

⑤ The number of days requested will be reflected in the "Office" and the status will be "Pending".


Once approved, the status on the "Office requests" screen of the employee's timesheet will also change to "Approved".

Once the timesheet is approved and the month is confirmed by the administrator, the office work request is also confirmed.
Once locked, you will not be able to request for office work in the locked month.


[For companies using PitTouch]

No application is required for days worked in or out using PitTouch.


**About the display of "Days worked in office" in timesheet**
The "Days worked in office XX/XX" in the timesheet screen shows how many days have been approved for the number of working days in the timesheet.

Example of the figure below: Days worked in office 5/19
■Denominator(e.g. “19”) The number of worked days in the month in timesheet
*If you take paid leave, etc., the total number of days will not match the total in the "office requests" (the number of weekdays in that month).
■Numerator(e.g. “5”) Number of days approved
*This includes approval days when start/end time is not registered.

Click on it to see how many days you have approved and how many days are pending.
Example below: 19 days of work, 5 days have already been approved by the supervisor, and 9 days are pending (not approved by the supervisor).


**About each days of office requests**


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