View colleagues' employee ID

If you turn On the employee ID viewing setting, the employee ID will be displayed on the "Employees > Employee directory" page.

How to set up
How to view

How to set up

Click on ADMINS [Company settings].
Click on "HR" - "HR management settings."

Click on "Edit."

④ Specify "View others' employee ID?: On".
If you want only members of the same team to be able to view the information, rather than all employees, please also specify "Limit employees to team data: On". If you want all employees to be able to view the information, leave the "Off" setting.

⑤ Click on "Save."


How to view

Employees can view the employee IDs of other employees from the "Employee directory" menu.

Click on EMPLOYEES [Employee directory].

② A list of all employees is displayed, with the employee ID next to the employee's name.

When "Limit employees to team data: On" is specified in "How to set up" , only employees on the same team as the employee who is viewing the information will be displayed on this screen.


Click here for the Japanese version of this manual.

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