Request for company location (IP address) registration for checking in/out

Depending on your company settings, time entry for checking in/out may be restricted to "Only in office".
If you enter a location from an unregistered IP address, a request for registration of that IP address will be sent to your supervisor.

How to request

On your dashboard screen, click on "Check in" or "Check out.

You entered from an unregistered IP address for your company's location, so the message "Your current IP address is not registered." is displayed.

From the pull-down menu, select "This is a company location" or "Other.

④ If you selected "This is a company location," select the location of the company you are currently at from the pull-down menu. If you select "Other," enter the name of the location in the bottom row.
Click on "Check in" or "Check out.

If you select "This is a company location," a notification of your IP address registration request will be sent to your supervisor.
You will be able to see the location name and IP address you have requested for in the Notices field of your dashboard screen.

If approved, it will appear as shown above.


Click here for the Japanese version of this manual.

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