Social insurance work orders dashboard (For admins & HR managers)

You can use the "Social insurance work orders dashboard" to manage the progress of social insurance enrollment and loss process required when an employee joins or leaves the company, or when a dependent is added.

*This function is available only to companies that have a contract with "Social Insurance Labor Professional Corporation Global Support".

How to Request Social Insurance Process

How to request for automatically generated process
How to manually create and request for a process


Reply to inquiries from the vendor
Contact the vendor

List of "Current steps”


How to Request Social Insurance Process

There are two types of process automatically generated and manually created.
Process that are automatically generated are those shown in the "Workflow name" section in the figure below. This depends on the company's setup.
Process that are not displayed in "Workflow name" must be created manually.
You can check the automatically generated process below.

①Click "Social insurance processing".
②Click "Workflow mappings" under "Workflow settings".

The process indicated in the workflow name are those that are automatically generated.
For all other process, you must create them manually.


How to request for automatically generated process

Most companies currently using this feature have used it in a setting that automatically generates the necessary social insurance process for new hires and retirements.
In the case of new hires, when the company administrator or the vendor (Dayforce) registers a new employee, a process for social insurance acquisition notification is generated.
In case of retirees, when the company administrator or the vendor (Dayforce) registers the date of termination of the retirees, a process for notification of loss of social insurance will be created.

Example: In the case of a new employee joining a company

In the case of a new employee joining the company, when the company administrator or the vendor (Dayforce) registers the new employee, a process for notification of acquisition of social insurance is created.

①Click "Social insurance processing".
②"Work orders" - "Work order dashboard" page will appear.
Enter the name or employee ID of the subject and click "Search".

③ Place a ✓ in the check box of □ for the process name you wish to request for.
④ Select "Request selected" from the tab for bulk actions.
⑤ Click "Perform action".

⑥The "Current step" of the process applied for will change from "Order created" to "Work requested".

The vendor will handle any further processing.
When the process is completed, "Current step" will change to "Work completed".
For the status of each "Current step", please refer to the following at the end of this page.
List of "Current steps”


Setting the "Contact Person" for a process

When you set a "Task owner" for a process, it will only appear in the "Task owner" section of the "Work order dashboard".
Only one "Task owner" can be set for one process.

①Click "Process name" to set the "Task owner”.

②Click "+" to the right of "Not assigned" on the right side of the screen.

③Select the task owner.
The company administrator and the vendor operator can be selected as the person in task owner.
④Click "Save".

⑤Once the settings are completed, the task owner will be displayed as shown in the figure above.
It will also appear in the "Task owner" in the "Work order dashboard".

*To set the task owner as yourself, click "Assign to me" displayed under "Not assigned" in the image in ②.
The setting will be completed as soon as you click on it.


How to manually create and request for a process

Except for process that are created automatically, you will need to create process manually.
For example, process for maternity/child-care leave or adding/deleting a family member as a dependent for social insurance.
The process to be created manually depend on the company's setup.

①Click "Social insurance processing".
②Click "Request a work order".

③Select workflow.
You can also choose the process name from the default "All”.

It is also possible to search for a process by entering part of its name, for example, in the search box and then selecting it.

④Select the process you wish to create.
The selected process will appear in "Process name" below.
⑤ Click "New request.

⑥Click "Please select" on the right side of the employee.
⑦ Select the target employee by entering the employee ID or name of the target employee into the search box that appears.
⑧ If necessary, enter "Work instructions" or “Select/add files”.
Click "Submit request".

⑨The "Current steps" and "Process status" of the work order status will change to "Requested".

Subsequent processing will be handled by the vendor.
When the vendor completes the process, "Current step" will change to "Work completed".
List of "Current steps”

* To manually create the same process for multiple eligible employees at once, click "Add multiple employees at once" under "Employee" when designating eligible employees in ⑦.

Add employees one by one by entering their name, email address, or employee ID in the search box.
You can also add employees by copying and pasting their employee ID from a separate Excel file.


The total number of process supported is displayed.
Clicking on the badge will display the corresponding process in the lower row.

*Currently, there are some numbers displayed that are not necessary, but we are working on fixing them.
Please replace the number displayed in the denominator with the number of cases.
*Currently, "Orders this month" is not displayed correctly.

*The vendor will set the "Due date".


Reply to inquiries from the vendor

Procedures for which an inquiry has been sent by the vendor can be checked from the "All comments".

①Click "All comments".
②Check the comments and click "Reply".

③Click "Please select" for your actions.
④Click "Reply to vendor".

⑤Enter your comments.
⑥Click “Save”.

⑦"Current step" will change to "Replied to vendor".
The history is displayed at the bottom of the screen.


Contact the vendor

①Click the process name you wish to inquire about.

②Enter the contents of your inquiry in the comment field.
③Click "Add comment".

④When a message is sent, it will appear in the history at the bottom of the page.

⑤You can see the comments replied to by the vendor in the "All comments".


List of "Current steps”

*Please do not use "Employee enquired" as it is currently under development.
If you have an inquiry to an employee, please respond by e-mail or other means.


Click here for the Japanese version of this manual.


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