Onboarding entry ②Basic information about you and your family

4.Personal details
5.Address details
7.Family members
8.Emergency contacts

4.Personal details

In this section you register your name, birth date, and other basic information.

① The personal information entry screen will appear. You can set your official name, display name, contact information, and nationality settings.

② Click on "Save and next." By clicking, the personal details in the left menu will be automatically checked

Click "Back" to return to the previous screen, or "Quit" to return to the home screen.
For the first time, the following screen will appear.
*The "Quick tour" in the center is not currently displayed.

Note: About "Visas

As noted in the table of entry details, if you set a country other than Japan as your nationality/region, the passport number entry field will appear.
Also, clicking "Visa-related info can be set here" will take you to the "My Profile > Personal related > Visas" screen.
Note that once you leave the onboarding screen, the information you entered in ② above will disappear.

① Click "Add a new visa."

② Enter each item.

③ After completing the form, click "Submit request.
Note: Clicking "View all visa types on the Immigration Bureau site" will take you to the website of the Immigration Bureau.


5.Address details

Enter your address.

① Click "Add new address."
Clicking "Back" will take you to the previous section (Personal details), and "Next" will take you to the "Spouse" screen. Click "Quit" to exit onboarding and go to the home screen. This action is common to all items in the left menu.

② Enter your address.

③ Click "Save."
If any fields are not filled in, the message "! このフィールドを入力してください。" will appear and you will not be able to complete.

If you want to further enter a different type of address (e.g., inhabitant tax address and residential address), register a new type of address from "Add new address" in ①.



Enter information about the spouse (wife or husband).
Note: Family members other than the spouse (children, etc.) are entered in the next section, "Family Members".

If you select "Family members" from the left menu with "No spouse" on the following screen, "No spouse" will be registered.

・If you have no spouse

① Select "No spouse."
② Click "Next" to proceed to "Family members."

・If you have spouse

① Click "Spouse exists."
② Click "Add spouse details."

③ Register the spouse's information according to the items.

④ Click "Save."

⑤ Click "Next."

*If you selected "Yes" when registering your spouse for "Tax deduction eligible wife/family member?", "Spouse eligible for salary monthly tax deductions" will appear.
For more information on "Spouse eligible for salary monthly tax deductions", please refer to "Registering a spouse as a "Spouse eligible for salary monthly tax deductions" when registering a spouse.


7.Family members

Register family members other than your spouse (wife or husband).

・If you have no family member

① Select "No family members or dependents."
② Click "Next" to proceed to "Emergency contacts."

・If you have family member

① Select "Have family members or dependents."
② Click "Submit a family member."

Register the family information according to the items.

③ Click "Save."
Note: If you have more than one family member, please register them again from "Submit a new family member" in ②.

④ Click "Next."


8.Emergency contacts

Register your emergency contacts.

① Click "Add a new emergency contact."

② Register each emergency contact's information.

③ Click "Save."


・Next "③Work history, educational records, certifications". Click here.

If you do not need to fill in each item in ③, please proceed to the following.
"④Commute allowance, bank accounts, social insurance, income tax, unemployment insurance". Click here.

・Click here for the Japanese version of this manual.
オンボーディングの入力 ②本人・家族の基本情報

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