Onboarding entry ④Commute allowance, bank accounts, social insurance, income tax, unemployment insurance

12.Commute allowance
13.Bank accounts
14.Social insurance
15.Income tax
16.Unemployment insurance

12.Commute allowance

Register your commute route.

・Register your commute allowance

① Click "Request a new commute allowance."

② Enter the details of the commute allowance.

③ Click "Save."

When saving is complete, the message "This is a new record waiting approval" and the details of the request will be displayed.
A check mark will be placed in the left menu "Commute allowance".

④ Click "Next."

For "Private transportation (Fixed amount)”

The basic content and areas that have been changed are described below.

For "Automobile/Motorcycle (Private - km unit cost)”
This is used for calculations using the company's set gasoline unit price.

Case in which "Commute method" appears

In ①, you may see a button that says "Add new commute allowance" instead of "Request a new commute allowance". Clicking this will bring up the "Commute method" on the next screen.
Select "Commute method: Public transportation" and enter the start station (bus stop) or destination to search for the corresponding station (bus stop). The route search screen will then appear, and selecting the route to be used will reflect the amount of the commute allowance.

Notes: See above, except for "Commute method: Public Transportation". In some cases, you may not be able to search for a route even by public transportation. In that case, please refer to the basic input example above.

① (After clicking "Add new commute allowance") Select "Commute method: Public transportation" and click "Next".

② Specify the date from the calendar when you want to start using that route.
③ Enter the start station (or bus stop) and destination station (or bus stop).
When entered, candidates will be displayed by referring to JORUDAN's transfer guide. Please select the appropriate one.
④ Click "Next."
⑤ A list of possible routes will be displayed. Select the route you will use.
⑥ Click "Next."
⑦ On the next screen, select the period for which the commute allowance is to be paid from the "Allowance period" list. After confirming, proceed with "Next".

For detailed usage instructions, see also.
Commute Allowance Registration (for commute wizard use) *⑥ and after


13.Bank accounts

Register the bank account to which your salary and bonus will be deposited.

・Register bank accounts

① Click "Add a new bank account."
Note: If you click "Next" without registering your bank account, you will move to "Social Insurance" without registering your bank account.

② Enter your bank name and account information.
The "Account name" field in the upper row is not directly related to the payroll transfer.
The "Account name (Katakana, alphabet)" in the lower column must match the bank account name.

③ Click "Save."
A message appears on the Bank Accounts screen and a check mark appears in the left menu "Bank accounts".

④ Click "Next."

Number of bank accounts can be registered
The number of accounts that can be registered varies by company. Ask your HR for details.

■Registration for JRE BANK
JRE BANK's financial institution code is the same as that of its banking service provider, Rakuten Bank, Inc.

Therefore, search for “Rakuten Bank” in the “Search for bank” field.
In the “Search for branch” field, search for the name of a JRE BANK branch.


14.Social insurance

Register your social insurance information.

・Register social insurance

① Enter information according to the input fields.

② Click "Save & next."


15.Income tax

Register items related to your income tax.
* If your tax category shown is incorrect (or needs to be changed), please contact your HR.

・Set up income tax-related settings

① Enter information according to the input fields.

Note: Clicking "What is a widow?" or "What is a working student?" will take you to the National Tax Agency website.

If you are eligible for a disability exemption
Please select Disability exemption, enter Disability handbook type, Disability handbook issue date, and the Disability level information.
Upload a copy of your disability handbook or other proof documents from "Select File".

② Click "Save and next".


16.Unemployment insurance

Register your employment insurance details.

・Set up unemployment insurance

① Enter information according to the input fields.

Click "Save & next."


・Next "⑤My Number tax ID and Request approval". Click here.

・Click here for the Japanese version of this manual.
オンボーディングの入力 ④通勤手当、銀行口座、社保、所得税、雇用保険

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