Onboarding entry ⑤My Number tax ID and Request approval

17. My Number tax ID (My Number tax ID management)

Register your MY Number tax ID.

・Register My Number tax ID

① Check "I agree with the above purpose of use" and click "Next."

② Enter information according to the input fields.

③ Click "Save & next."


18. Request approval

Finally, you can submit for approval. When all registrations are complete, the following screen will appear.

After clicking "Submit for approval," the Home screen will appear.
Note: If there is any incomplete data, the "Submit for approval" button will not be enabled. Please complete the items indicated.

After completing the onboarding wizard, if you wish to change (or update) your personal information, address, or other information entered in the onboarding wizard, you may do so from the Profile page of the Home screen.


Click here for the Japanese version of this manual.
オンボーディングの入力 ⑤マイマンバー、承認申請

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