About approving timesheets from other than the "approvals request" screen

Since early morning of June 3, supervisors have been experiencing problems approving timesheets in the "SUPERVISORS > Approval requests > Time & Leave requests" section.
The phenomenon is that the "Approve Selected" button does not turn blue even if the subject request is checked.

The following are the procedures for "Approval from the employee's timesheet" and "dashboard Notices", which are provided as alternative methods.


○To approve timesheet with employee's timesheet

  1. APPROVAL REQUESTS screen ( selected "Approvals" from left menu )

    Clicking "See more detail".

  2. The subject employee's timesheet screen

    After step1, show follow screen.
    Clicking "Approve Timesheet" to complete approval.

    *Note:  If there is an unapproved application.
    A help message will appear on the timesheet screen prompting you to approve the request.
    The "Approve Timesheet" button will turn blue when you check the checkbox in the red frame or click "You can manage individual approval requests here" to approve them individually.

○To approve by "Dashboard Notices"

To Confirm the notice for the subject employee and click "Approve" to approve them.

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