Year-End Tax Wizard User Manual⑤Final confirmation / submission

Final confirmation / submission

19. Data input confirmation
This step is to confirm the contents entered are correct. Review all information and put a check mark in “I confirm all above information is true and correct” then click “Submit data.”

If you need to make any changes, click on the appropriate category text in blue.

20. Print forms
This step is only displayed after you click on the “Submit data” in the previous step.
Click on “Download evidence cover page” and print out the “Confirmation cover sheet for year end tax adjustment documents.”

There will be no download link showing in the screen for those who do not require the evidence cover page.
Click on “End wizard” to complete the YTA wizard entry.

Confirmation cover sheet for year end tax adjustment documents
Use the confirmation cover sheet to check that you have all the required documents for submission.
Attach the documents to the cover sheet, enclose the cover sheet and documents into the YTA envelope and submit the package to the department in charge of YTA at your workplace.

Your Year-End Tax Adjustment workflow is now complete!

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