Year-End Tax Wizard User Manual 【For Administrator】

1. How to check "Need to Check" Employees
It is important for client HR administrators to check the employees who are marked
as “Need to check” as well as new hires and those potentially not eligible for Year-End Tax Adjustment (YTA).

【Checking those who are subject to YTA】
Employees who have joined the company but have yet to have their payroll calculated this year will be marked as “Need to check.”
Before sending a message to input their information, be sure to confirm if there are any employees who are eligible for this year’s YTA marked as “Need to check.”

*Note:        If there are any employees that show “Need to check” will require their information settings                        changed before proceeding. Actual settings change will need to be performed by Ascender.

Confirming “Need to check” employees
① Click on “Need to check.”
② List of employees will be displayed.

[ADMINS menu] → [Year end tax] → [Year end tax] → [Year end tax home]

【New hire employee settings】
When there is a new hire employee, the Year end tax home screen will display “There are XX employees included in payroll who need to have their year end tax settings for this year initialized.”
Click on the “Initialize missing employees” to add to the “Need to check” list.

*Note:  This may take a moment to complete (please be patient).

【Checking employees expected to be over year-end adjustment threshold】
Before sending the invitation email for YTA wizard, you can check for any employees who may not be eligible for this year’s YTA.
If an employee is over the threshold and marked as “Collect data only” for YTA, their YTA wizard will not show any of the insurance deduction declaration input screens.

[ADMINS menu] → [Year end tax] → [Year end tax] → [Excluded employees]

【Setting employees for paper YTA (do not use wizard)】
Those who need YTA done with paper can be set by selecting “Set as [Paper-based]” from the Year end tax home.

*Note:  Any employees set as “Paper-based” will required their declaration certificate hard copies collected and submitted.

① From the drop-down menu, select “Set as [Paper-based]”

② Enter the employee information in the Lookup field shown below to exclude them from receiving the invitation email to YTA wizard.
The employee name will be listed below the Lookup field.
③ Click “Set selected as [Paper-based]”

④ The employee will be added to “This year’s paper-based year-end tax adjusted employees.”

⑤ From the employee detail menu, go to “Year end tax forms” to download all required YTA forms for this paper-based employee.

*Note:  Please download and print all forms showing in the Tax declaration forms screen.

*Note:  If you marked an employee as “Paper-based” in error, the setting can be returned by turning OFF the “Paper-based processing” setting by editing from the “Year end tax summary” page. Be sure to click “Save.”

2. Checking and modifying settings
Before sending the invitation email to YTA wizard to the employees, settings will need to be checked and if necessary modified.


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【Customizing YTA wizard email】
You can customize the message of the email to the employees regarding YTA wizard if you wish to change it from the default content.

① Click “Company settings” in ADMINS menu
② From “Company” tab, click “Custom messages”

[ADMINS menu] → [Company settings] → [Company] → [Custom messages]

③ Click “Year end tax wizard email”

④ You can edit the email message in both Japanese and English languages.
⑤ Click “Save”
    *Note: Click “Cancel” to discard changes.

【Year end tax settings】
Various YTA wizard settings can be checked and if necessary modified by following the below steps. 

Click “Company settings” in ADMINS menu
② From the “Payroll related” tab drop-down menu, click “Year end tax settings”

[ADMINS menu] → [Company settings] → [Payroll related] → [Year end tax settings]

③ Scroll down “Year end tax settings” screen and confirm the settings that appear.

<Digital insurance records settings>
To enable life insurance deduction declaration digitally, turn ON the “Use digital insurance records.” This will enable digital file upload page within the YTA wizard.
Turn ON the settings by clicking “Edit” in General settings screen.

<Access setting for YTA wizard pages>
For each of the pages within the YTA wizard, access type can be set for each field.
Click “Edit,” make changes, then click “Save.”
*Note:  Settings need to be changed per page.

All fields can be changed to the same setting in bulk by selecting “Change all” as shown below.


<Setting custom message for YTA wizard pages>
For each of the pages within the YTA wizard, custom messages can be set in both Japanese and English languages.
Click “Edit,” type in custom messages, then click “Save.”

*Note:  Custom messages need to be set for each wizard page.

[Employee wizard page]
The custom message will be displayed at the top of the wizard page.


3. Sending YTA Wizard Email
This section describes how to send emails to employees about YTA wizard.
Wizard data request list can be used to check those who have or have not been sent the email.

【Sending and managing YTA wizard email】
Use the “Wizard data requests” page in the Year end tax menu to send YTA wizard email to employees (by client HR administrator).
Send the invitation email after checking the list of employees who will be using the wizard.

① From the ADMIN menu, click “Year end tax”
② From the Year end tax tab, click “Wizard data requests”

③ Click the checkbox for all the employees using the wizard for YTA.
④ To send the email, click on “Send selected” or “Send all unsent requests.”
     The email can be sent to all employees selected in bulk.

[ADMIN menu] → [Year end tax] → [Year end tax] → [Wizard data requests]


【YTA wizard entry reminder setting】
After sending the YTA wizard email to employees, up to 3 reminders can be sent to those who have not completed their wizard entry.
Reminders can be set by following the steps below.

From “Year end tax” tab, click on “This year’s setting”

② From the “Automated reminders” edit screen, set the dates for each of the three reminders then click “Save.”
The system will automatically send reminder emails to employees who have not completed the wizard entry by the dates set for the reminders.

*Items that cannot be edited by client will be modified by Ascender.


4. Checking Progress and Updating Status
YEAR-END TAX ADJUSTMENT DASHBOARD can be used to check the progress and status.
List of employees will be displayed by clicking “Eligible” or “Ineligible” and other fields.

【Year end tax home】
Overall progress and status can be checked from the Year end tax home screen.
Click on the desired field to display employees that apply.

① Click the field you would like to check.

② A list of employees that apply will be shown below.

【Changing status】
As shown in the previous section, if the “Next action” is anything other than “Completed,” click on the “Next action” shown in blue (a link) to proceed to the next status.

 Example: “Next action” indicates “View change requests”
① Click “View change requests”

② The screen will display a list in the YEAR END TAX DATA CHANGE REQUESTS.
③ Confirm the change request content, put a check mark in the box for the item to approve.
④ Click “Approve request.”mceclip30.png

⑤ The item will be updated to show “Approved” and the name of the approver.

⑥ Close the tab by clicking the “X” mark on the tab to return to Year end tax home page.

To check other employee change requests, click on “Return to list” at the upper right corner of the screen.

Other change requests can be approved from this screen.
To return to Year end tax home page, click on “Return to year end tax home” at the upper right corner of the screen.

⑦ From the Year end tax home page, click on “Data-only completed.”
    Employees who apply will be listed below.

⑧ Employees whose change requests have all been approved will be added to this list with their status updated as shown below.
  ・Processing status:  “Change requests verified”
  ・Next action:            “Set as collected”
⑨ Click “Set as collected”

⑩ “Apply this action to this employee?” message box will be displayed.
     Select either action A or B.

 A: Choose and click this action to update multiple employees with the same “Next action” in bulk.
      In the BULK SET EMPLOYEES AS [EVIDENCE COLLECTED] STATUS 2020 screen, add employees to
      bulk set then click “Set selected as [Collected].”

 B: Choose and click this action to update individually.

⑪ “Next action” will be updated to “Set as collected.”
     Click on “Set as collected.”

⑫ The same message as ⑪ will be shown again. Click “Yes.”
⑫ “Next action” will be updated to “Done.”


The status thereafter will be updated by Ascender.




Checking YTA Flow Overview
[ADMIN menu] →  [Year end tax] → [Year end tax] → [About year end taxes]

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