Check visa expiry dates for employees

You can check which of current employees are nearing or have expired visas.
The list also shows the type and number of the current employee's visa, as well as the date of issue and expiry date.
Note: Employees who have already left will not be displayed. Current employees who are scheduled to leave and have a termination date with a future date will be displayed.


① Click "Manage employees" in ADMINS.
② Click "HR" - "Visa management".


③ You can see a list of current employees whose visas have not expired or are not registered with a visa expiry date.


Note: The list can be ordered by employee ID with "Order by employee ID" in descending order, or by visa expiry date with "order by expiry date" in descending order.


【Check only expired (no renewal registration) employeesmceclip4.png

By clicking on "Expired (no renew)," you will only see the applicable employee(s) in the bottom row.


【Check only employees whose visas are about to expire】mceclip5.png

By clicking on "Expiry (30 days)" or " Expiry (90 days)," you may only check the applicable employee(s) in the bottom row.


【Renew visa information for expired or soon-to-be-expired employees】
If you are renewing on behalf of an employee whose visa has expired or is about to expire, follow the steps below.mceclip6.png

① Click " Expired (no renew)," " Expiry (30 days)," or " Expiry (90 days)." The subject will appear on the bottom row.
② Click on the name of the employee whose visa expiry date you wish to renew.


③  Go to the "Visas" screen for the subject employee.
     Click "Add a new visa".


④ Enter and set the required information.
⑤ Click "Save."


⑥ Click "Edit" on the previous expiration record saved in ⑤.


⑦ Under "Renewal record," select the record saved in step ⑤.
⑧ Click "Save." The old record was mapped to the new record.

Renewal of records of employees with expired visa
While you can manually map the old record to the new record as described above, you can also map expired records to new records on the list.
Note: Only expired and new records can be mapped. You cannot map a soon-to-expire record to a new record.mceclip12.png

① On the list, click "Check for renewals".


② The message "Matched X expired records with renewal records" will appear at the top of the screen.
*It does not indicate which records have been successfully matched.


【Check expired and past visa records for current employees】mceclip14.png

① Click "include expired records."


② Expired and past records are also displayed.


【Output in Excel】mceclip16.png

① Click the download icon.


② It will be downloaded to your local "Downloads" folder.


If you clicked Download with "Include expired records" selected, expired records are also shown.


<To check visa expiry dates for employees and their family members>
If you want to check the visa expiry date not only for the employee but also for his/her family members, you can do so on the report screen.
Note: Only within the visa validity period can be checked. If it has already expired, it will not be displayed.


① Click "Reports" in ADMINS.
② Click on "Foreign employees" in HR related.


③ Employees and their family members within the visa validity period will be displayed.
You can also click on the download icon for an excel output.


Notes: Retirees may also be indicated as long as their visas are valid.


Click here for the Japanese version of this manual.



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