Check in/out with PitTouch Pro

This check-in/out method is only available for companies with PitTouch Pro.
Check-in/out can be done by simply holding up an IC card that is linked to the Workcloud employee ID.
*The "PitTouch Pro" series of devices is a product of Smart Solution Technology, Inc.

How to use
Reflection on timesheet

How to use

When checking in/out, hold up your card to the PitTouch Pro located at each store or business location.

Reflection on timesheet

The check-in time is reflected in the "Start" field and the check-out time in the "End" field of the Workcloud timesheet screen.



If you hold your card over the Pit Touch Pro twice in a row at check-in
The start field on the timesheet is registered on two lines.

If you hold your card over the Pit Touch Pro twice in a row at check-out
The first end time on the timesheet will be overwritten by the time you hold it up the second time.



Click here for the Japanese version of this manual.
PitTouch Pro(ピットタッチ・プロ)で出退勤を打刻する


To check in/out on the home screen instead of using PitTouch Pro, click here.
Record check-in/out times on the home screen




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