Access rights management

To grant specific rights to a particular employee, such as Company Admin, HR Manager, My Number Manager, etc., please follow the steps below.
You use the same screen to remove the grant of rights.

Before operating access rights
Manage access rights
 Grant rights
 Remove rights
Difference between each right
When granting access rights to multiple companies, such as group companies

Before operating access rights

This function allows an employee who already has Company Admin privileges to grant privileges to a specific employee by following the steps below.
First make sure that the employee who does this is authorized to be a Company admin. If not, you will need to ask the company admins or vendor to grant it.

Manage access rights

① Click on ADMINS [Company settings].

② Click on "Security" - "Access rights".


Grant rights

① Click on the access name of right you wish to grant (e.g., HR Manager).

② Switch to the Add employee screen.

③ Under "Add employees," search for the name or employee ID of the employee you wish to authorize and press Enter.

Enter the reason for authorization (optional), and click "Add".

⑤ The message "Added access rights" will appear at the top of the screen. The name you added will also appear in the list at the bottom.

⑥ Click on "Return to list. The first list screen appears.

⑦ The name is also reflected in the corresponding access name on the list.


Remove rights

Click on the access name of right you wish to remove (e.g., HR Manager).

② Click on the red icon to the right of the name of the employee whose rights you wish to remove.

③ Read the message and click "Yes". This will remove the subject right from that employee.
Please make sure that the employee's name has also disappeared from the appropriate access name field in the list.

When adding (or removing) rights, if the edit screen does not appear after clicking "Access name" in ①, please contact support from the bottom right "? icon at the bottom right of the screen.
("?" If you do not see the icon, please send an email to "")


Difference between each right

See the "Description" column to the right of each "Access name" for the differences between each right.



When granting access rights to multiple companies, such as group companies

If you want to add the rights of group companies "Company B" and "Company C" to Employee A, please do so for each company. The same applies when removing rights.
(Example) Employee granted the access rights in Company B and Company C
Remove rights at Company B -> Enter Company B to deal with; rights at Company C remain.
Do not grant special rights to employees who are transferred to a group company, such as company admins or HR managers at the company to which they are transferred. Workcloud currently does not support this.



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