Change of Employment Conditions

Note: This article is about the changes for release on October 28, 2023.

If the conditions of employment change, such as from contract or part-time to full-time, the new conditions of employment must be changed.

Enter the employee ID or name (Kanji/Katakana/English) of the employee whose employment conditions are to be changed. Then search.

Click on "Settings > Employment settings."
*In some cases, the "Employment settings" screen may already be displayed after the search in step .

Click "Add new."

④ Under "Employee type," select the name of the new employment type. Enter the date of change in "Employment condition start date" (set from the calendar).

Set the "Work time settings" and "Holiday allowance settings" and other areas that differ from the initial values.

Click "Save".
If the employment conditions change and furthermore the salary and the amount of allowances and deductions also change, please register them in the "Salary" and in the "Allowances / deductions" screen, respectively.


【Previous employment relationships】

Employment conditions prior to today will be moved to "Previous employment relationships".


【Future employment relationships】

If the new employment condition you registered is for a date after tomorrow, it will appear in the "Future employment relationships" section.


If Salary amount or the monthly allowance or deductions also change, see
Change in employee's salary amount
Adding or changing an employee's monthly allowances or deductions

Click here for the Japanese version of this manual.




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