Collecting and Storing My Number Tax ID with Workcloud

Step 1. Setup the company rules (Administrator)


1-1 Please go to Admins > Company Settings, and click "My number Tax ID".




1-2 Please read through "MY NUMBER MANAGEMENT SETTINGS" and select how you would like to confirm and store the employees My Number.




1-3 Click "Edit" in My Number Tax ID settings.



1-4 Please select an option in the "My Number Tax ID confirmation / storage method" and click the "Save" button. (eg., Selecting "Keep ID number, card, and ID card copy").






Step 2. Send input request to employees (Administrator)


2-1 Please go to Admins > Manage Employees and click the "My Number Tax ID".



2-2 Please select the name of the employee to send the input request and click the "Send request" button.



An email will be sent to to the selected employees. Step 3 is the procedure for the employee to complete.



Step 3. Register My Number Tax ID for employee and dependents (Employee)


3-1 Please click the "Enter information" button in the email message (link to the My Number entering page of Workcloud), or the employee can click the ‘My Number’ right side link under his Profile page.



3-2 Click the "Enter My Number info" button.




3-2 Please enter My Number (12-digit number).


3-3 Click the "Choose File" button of the My Number Tax ID proof.

If your company requires so an image of your My Number card and other ID, there will be buttons to attach these files. Please upload an image file of the My Number card available on the smartphone or computer.


3-4 Click the "Choose File" button of the ID validation. Upload either an image of your proof of ID.

Please upload an image file of the proof of ID available on the smartphone or computer.

(The step 3-4 may be optional based on the company's settings.)


3-5 Please click the "Save" button.





Step 4. Send a confirmation request to the administrator.(Employee)


4-1 After confirming the content, please click the "Request My Number verification" button to submit this for confirmation / approval by your admin.


4-2 If you have dependents, please click "Edit dependents My Number ID.”




Step 5. Register the dependents My Number (Only if you have dependents)


5-1 Please click "Edit dependents My Number ID" as described on the step 4-2. It can also be done in My Profile > Family members.


5-2 Click the "Set number" button of the family member to register My Number.



5-3 Click the "Save" button after entering the dependent's My Number (12-digit number). 





Please confirm that the status of My Number Tax ID has changed to "Is set."


Step 6. Review and Approve, or Reject My Number (Administrator)


6-1 When an employee submits his/her My Number for confirmation / approval, the company Administrators will receive an approval request for My Number from the employee. Please click "See details" in the message.



6-2 Please verify My Number and click 'Approve.' If you want to request a correction, click the "Reject" button. It is also possible to enter comments (e.g., rejection reason, etc.).




6-3 It is possible to check the approval status of My Number of the employees on the My Number Tax ID page introduced in step 2.



Step 7. Manage My Number usage history 

You can see the My Number usage history in the bottom of the page introduced in the procedure 6-2. It is also possible to download the usage history in the PDF file if you click "View entire access history.”



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