Collecting and Storing My Number Tax ID with Workcloud

In Workcloud, there is a screen where employees can register the My Number information of them and their family members.
Decide in advance how company will store the My Number and set the rules before you start using it.

1. Setup the company rules <Admins>
The first step is to set up how company administrators want to confirm and store employee’s My Number. 


1-1 Click the ADMINS [Company settings].
1-2 Click [HR] - [My Number Tax ID method].


1-3. Read the "How to handle My Number Tax ID numbers" and decide how to collect and store it.
Note: If the information is not displayed, please check it on the edit screen in 1-4 below.


1-4. Click "Edit" on "My Number Tax ID settings ".


1-5. Select the method you want to use from the pull-down menu under "My Number Tax ID confirmation / storage method".


1-6. The confirmation / storage method you have chosen will be displayed.
For the other settings, select either Off or On, and finally click Save.
Note: If "Show My Number in tax forms: On" is selected, My Number will be filled when you download Dependents tax.

2. Send request to employees to enter My Number <Admins>
The next step is to send emails to employees requesting them to enter My Number information.


2-1 Click "Manage all employees My Number Tax IDs here” .


        Alternatively, you can go to ADMINS [Manage employees] - [HR] - [My Number].


2-2 Make sure the message "Send only to selected employees" is displayed.
2-3 Select the employee to whom you want to send the My Number input request e-mail.
2-4 Click “Send request”.


2-5 Confirm the message and click "Yes". An input request email will be sent to the target employee.

3. Register your My Number Tax ID <Employees>
Employees will be able to enter My Number information when they receive the input request email.


3-1 Click the "Enter information" button (link to Workcloud's My Number entry screen) in the body of the email you received.


Note: Alternatively, go to the EMPLOYEES[My Profile] and click [Personal related] - [My Number Tax ID].


3-2 Check "I agree with the above purpose of use" and click "Enter My Number info".



3-3 Enter your number of My Number and attach images of your MY Number certificate and other documents.
3-4 Click “Save”.


3-5 Click “Request My Number verification”.

4. Register My Number of your dependents <Employees>
If you have dependents, continue to enter their My Number from the "My Number information for dependents" shown on the same screen.
Note: If you don't have any dependents, the rest of the work is done by the admins (see "5. Confirmation and Approval (Rejection) of My Number <Admins>").


4-1 Click “Edit dependents My Number ID”.
      Or click on "My Profile" and then "Family members".


4-2 Click “Edit”.


4-3 Enter My Number of the dependent and click "Submit changes".

5. Confirmation and Approval (Rejection) of My Number <Admins>
Company administrators approve (or reject) the requests received from employees.


5-1 You will receive an email from the employee notifying you of the My Number approval request. Click on "View details.


5-2 After confirming the contents, click the "Approve" button.
Note: To request a correction, click the "Reject" button.
You can also enter your comments (e.g. reasons for rejection) in the “Admin-only notes”.


5-3 Confirm the message and click "Yes".

■Confirmation the approval status of My Number
Company administrators can confirm the approval status of My Number by going to ADMINS [Manage employees] - [HR] - [My Number].
Note: This is the same as the screen for "2. Send request to employees to enter My Number <Admin>”.


6. Management of My Number access history <Admins>
At the bottom of each employee's My Number screen, Company administrators can confirm the viewing history of their My Number.
Note: Same screen as 5-2.


You can download entire access history as a PDF file by clicking on "View entire access history”.



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