Set required (optional) entry fields for Onboarding

In the information wizard (Onboarding) that new employees enter, the administrator can set fields that they want to be required (optional) to be entered.

Setting Location
Employee Onboarding screen

Setting Location

Click on ADMINS [Company settings].
Click on "HR"-"Onboarding settings."

③ Click on "Edit."

Turn On items that are required and turn Off items that are optional.
The items displayed will vary depending on your company settings.

Click "Save."

Employee Onboarding screen

If a required field has not been filled in, a check mark will not be placed on the target item in the menu.
The "Submit for approval" button is not activated on the last submitted page, so the employee cannot submit the request.

Once all items are checked, the "Submit for approval" button becomes active and the employee may submit.


Click here for the Japanese version of this manual.



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