Enter Project timesheet

To enter a project timesheet, follow the steps below.
Project management" is only available to companies using this feature.
*It must be set up in advance by us (vendor).

Input timesheet

Employees[Project management]-[Project timesheets]―[Monthly timesheets]

① Click "Project Management" in Employees.
② Click "Monthly timesheets" in "Project timesheets".

Normal input method

③ Set the target month.
④ Click the "+" (time entry) button for the date you want to enter.
*You need to enter the start and end times in the timesheet ahead of time.
If both are not entered, "No worked time" will be displayed and you will not be able to enter that day.

⑤ Select a project.
※It is also possible to choose from eight proven projects that were selected just before.

⑥ Enter the required time. Then click “Save”.
*If you have entered all or more projects for the day and want to allocate the remaining time,  press "R" to automatically enter the time.

⑦ After entering project timesheet for all days you went to work, click "Request approval".

Other input method
(Set up the same project and same time on multiple days)

① Check the date to set the same project and same time.
② Click “Add time entry”.

③ Select the name (and work type if the work type is set) and enter the required time.
④ Click “Save”. The same content will be reflected on the selected date, as shown in the figure below.

Note: If you want to set more than one, repeat steps (1) to (4). 


【How to delete】

① Click either the time frame or the content frame.

② Click “Delete all times" for all that have been set up, or "X" next to the target name if there is only one.


【How to fix】

① Click either the time frame or the content frame.

② Click the time to fix.

③ Fix the required time, work type, etc. And save.



Click here for the Japanese version of this manual.



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