Add a new employee type by copying an existing employee type

It's just a registered employee type with slightly different work start and end times, work hours, etc. However, if there is no employee type you want to use, you can create a new employee type by copying an existing employee type.
If there are any differences from the original, please change them after copying.

If the overtime and leave settings are different from those in the original, please contact us without using this manual.

Click on ADMINS [Employee type settings].
Click "Add new."

Click on "Copy settings from existing record" and select the name of the employee type from which you want to copy the settings.
(Example) Copy source "Short (6H)". Create new employee type "Short (5H)".

Enter the name of the employee type, etc.

Click "Save."
A new employee type will be added.

Click on "Work times" for the type name you added in .
Click "Edit."

Change the work start time and end time, and other fields that differ from the original copy.
Set the month in which this setting will be used for overtime. The default value is the current month. For details, click on "see details" to confirm.
Click "Save."

It will be completed with the changes.


Click here for the Japanese version of this manual.



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