How to inquire for Year-End Tax Adjustment 【For employees】-Employee direct (outbound only)

For inquiries regarding the content of year end tax adjustment, please contact HR administrators (in charge of your company’s YTA) of your company.

Your company’s HR administrator (in charge of your company’s YTA) and your company’s payroll vendor (Ascender) personnel can send you inquiries which will be displayed on this screen. An email notification will be sent to you if there are any inquiries requiring your response.

EMPLOYEES: [Year end tax] menu → [Year end tax] tab →  [Year end tax inquiries]

You are able to view all of your YTA inquiries in the below screen.

【Checking your inquiries】
When an inquiry is created, number of inquiries and status will be displayed.

【Responding to HR administrator】
① Check the content of the inquiry to you from your HR administrator or from your company’s payroll vendor (Ascender), then type in the necessary responses in the text box provided (see ① below in the screen shot).
② You can attach files if needed by clicking “Select file” (see ➁ below in the screen shot).
③ Click “Send” to submit response.

When the inquiry is addressed and completed, it will be classified as Closed.


*Questions regarding the system should be sent by clicking the green “?” mark showing at the bottom right corner of your screen.




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