FAQ② Housing loans special deduction declaration - Who is the eligibility?

Who is the eligibility?

Employees who have original forms to claim housing purchase deductions.

What additional documents are required?
■ Original document(s) that records the outstanding balance of your loan,
    issued by your housing loan agency or bank.
■ Original form to claim housing purchase deductions, issued by Tax Office

     (the page for 2021)
     **If you are using more than one organization to obtain your loan,
        please submit
all the documents from each


How can I receive the necessary documents?
Forms to claim housing purchase deductions are usually mailed to you
directly from your tax office after filing your final tax return in the
following year of purchasing a house. In the case you have not received
them, please ask for them at your local tax office.

※“Housing loans special exemption certificate":

The format of certificate issued after June 2012 and the version of
before June 2012 is different. The certificate issued after June 2012,
can also be used as the declaration form.


What do I need to do if I purchased housing in 2021?
If you bought housing in Japan this year, you will not need to submit
above-mentioned documents to the Company. You will instead have to
file a tax return by yourself between February 16 and March 15, 2022
at your local tax office. Starting from 2022, you will be able to claim
housing purchase deductions through the year-end tax adjustment process



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