Register (Change) commute allowance

Register a new commuting allowance if the commuting route has changed due to a move, etc.
*During the payroll period, the commute allowance cannot be changed because the master information is locked to prevent changes.

How to register (change)
When fares are revised

How to register (change)

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1:Click on [My Profile].
2:Click on [My Profile]-[Payroll]-[Commute allowance].


3:Click on [Requeast a new commute allowance].
From this point on, depending on what you are registering, you can either "Add a brand new commute allowance / route" or "Add multiple commute allowance / route".


Use a different route than before (Add a brand new commute allowance / route)

If you wish to register a new commute allowance for a new route because you have moved or for some other reason, you can apply from "Add a brand new commute allowance / route".


4:Click on [Add a brand new commute allowance / route].


5: Specify the end date of the current commutation allowance in "Commute allowance end date" from the calendar.
Note: If you have never registered for a commute allowance before, this screen will not appear and you can proceed to step 7.
6:Click <Save>.


7:Enter the [New commute allowance] details.


Note: Depending on your company's settings, some commute methods may not be shown in the example above under "Commute methods"

8:Click on [Submit request].This completes the employee registration.


※※In case of using an "Office requests"※※

If your company uses office-request (i.e., you are reimbursed for transportation only for the number of days you are in the office) and you need to change your commute allowance, please use the following information to set up the new allowance.

Select "Allowance period" as "Daily."
Set the monthly amount (e.g. 6580) in 'Non taxable commute allowance' and the daily amount (e.g. 440) in 'Daily commute allowance'.



Add to current route (Add multiple commute allowance / route)

Use the route currently registered and add another commuting method, please apply through "Add multiple commute allowance / route".

(e.g.) You are currently registered for the Kichijoji-Shinjuku train commute. From this month, you will also use the bus from your home to Kichijoji Station.


4:Click to [Add multiple commute allowance / route].


5:Add only the contents to be added to the current route.
Enter "Commute allowance start date" when the current commuting allowance and the content to be added will be paid, and the start date of the commuter pass to be added in the "Start date of use" field (or the start date of the amount to be set if no commuter pass is involved) in the "Use Start Date" field.

6: Click "Submit request.
When the message "Your request for approval has been sent to your admins" appears, the registration from the employee is complete.



7:In addition to the commutation allowance currently in use, the contents of this registration will also be displayed.
The commutation allowance will be added to the current amount and the additional amount will be paid.

When fares are revised

When transportation fares are revised, Workcloud does not automatically reflect the revised fares.
You are required to make a new request for the commute allowance you are currently using.
The revised "Commute allowance start date" will vary from company to company.


・Click here for the Japanese version of this manual.

・If you work at more than one store or otherwise work at different locations on different days, see here. 
 Register multiple commute expenses
 Note: *Refer to the "For employees" and register.



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