Change my bank accounts

Register to change the payroll and bonus payee banks.

Notes: During the payroll period, the bank account cannot be changed because the master information is locked to prevent changes.

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1:Click on [My Profile].
2:Click on [My Profile]-[Payroll]-[Bank accounts].

3:Click on [Edit].

4:Overwrite the bank name, account, and other information to be changed.

item contents
Country Cannot changed

Note: When registering (adding) a new account, you mind to select the country in which the payee branch is located.

If you select a country other than Japan, the screen will change to the input screen below.


(Case of selecting Japan)

Bank name/Bank code
Branch name/Branch code

Click on [Search for bank],it is possible to search bank not to enter all of bank name.         mceclip4.png

1:Click on [Search for bank].
2:Enter to bank name .(you don't need enter all of bank name.)
3:Click on [Search].
4:Click on the appropriate bank as candidates are displayed.


5:Enter to branch name.(you don't need enter all of branch name.)
6:Click on [Search].
7:Click on the appropriate branch as candidates are displayed.
8:Bank codes and branch numbers are automatically inserted.

Account usage

Select to "General usage(both salary and bonus)"/
"Salary only"/"Bonus only ".
Note: Depending on company rules, only "General usage(both salary and bonus)" may be available.

Account name Enter the name of the account holder.
Account name (Hiragana, katakana, alphabet) Enter the name of the account holder in Hiragana, Kana or Alphabet. Be sure to leave a space between the first and last name.
Account number Enter your bank account number(7 digits).
Account type Select account type, "Normal(futsuu)"/"Current(touza)".
Note: "Current (touza)" may not be available according to your company rule. If you wish to specify it, please ask your HR in advance.
Notes Enter notes, if necessary.
Proof of account number Attachment may be required by company rules.
Notes on attached file Enter notes for an attached file, if necessary.

5:Click the "Request submit" .
When the message "Your request for approval has been sent to your admins" appears, the registration from the employee is complete.



[Number of bank accounts can be registered]
The number of accounts that can be registered varies by company. Ask your HR for details.


Click here for the Japanese version of this manual.




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