Register my new address

Registration is required when you change your address due to relocation or other reasons.
By setting the validity period, you can manage your address history.

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1:Click on [My Profile].
2:Click on [My Profile]-[Payroll]
3:Click on [Employee addresses].

4:Click on [Add new].

5:Enter a new address.

item contents
Address type inhabitant tax address Address where resident tax is levied.
Residential address (present) address
Note: Use this if the address where you live is different from your inhabitant tax address.
Postal address Address of mailing address other than the address of residence address.
Note: There is currently no place reflected in Workcloud.
Start date

Date of move-in
Notes: Dates prior to the date of hire cannot be entered. If you moved before your hire date, please enter your hire date.
If the exact date is unknown, please enter January 1 of this year.
(To enter the municipality of residence on January 1 of that year for the year-end adjustment.)

End date Leave blank
Country Country name

Postal code/

Street address/

Postal code, Street address

Street address reading Enter the street number and building in katakana.
Street address (English) Enter the street number and building in English.(Not required.)
Address proof Depending on your company regulations, you may be required to attach an image of proof (such as a copy of inhabitant tax address) of the address to be registered. In that case, please click on "Select File" and upload the image.
Notes on attached file Enter notes for an attached file, if necessary.

6:Click the "Submit request" button.
When the message "Your request for approval has been sent to your admins" is displayed, the registration on the employee side is complete.



Click here for the Japanese version of this manual.




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