About family members function

This manual is explained adding, changing, and deleting family members.

Family Functions Table of Contents
Adding family Members
Change family members
Deleting family Members

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Add family Members

1. Add new family members

Go to My Profile > Personal related > Family members , Click on [ Submit a new family member] .The following screen will appear if a family member has already been registered.



When you are adding a family member for the first time, the following screen will appear.
Select "Have family members or dependents" and click " Submit a new family member".
*If you select "No family or dependents" as shown on the right figure, the registration button will not appear.

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2. Enter family members information

Enter each items.

■Basic information


○About Effective from : Specify the date the family addition occurred.

■Visa related


Fill in the visa information if applicable.

■Social insurance settings

Please select "No" / "Yes" for social insurance dependent coverage.


For additional dependents, select "Yes" for "Social insurance dependent" . Enter his/her occupation and income-related information.


Occupations are selected from "None," "Housewife," "Student," "Retiree," and "Other.
*If you select "Other," enter your occupation.


■Tax settings


If you are eligible for a spouse or dependent for tax purposes, select "Yes" and then select the appropriate item. If you are eligible for disability exemption, you will be asked to enter your disability certificate, etc.

There are two types of disability exemptions those that can be selected under certain conditions and those that cannot.
Exemption for special disability Dependent/spouse who does not live together and is a special disabled person
Deduction for special disabled persons living together Dependent/spouse who lives together and has special disabilities

■Income settings

It displays "Income setting" when you add dependents under social insurance and tax-related information.


3. Submit request

After completing the required fields, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click "Submit request".


Until approval is applied for by the superior, the family screen will show "This is a new record waiting for approval. Change will be reflected after approval.".



Change family Members

This section describes how to correct any changes in registered family information.
*Since the handling of bereavement is slightly different, it is described at the end of this section.

■Basic information

Click ”Edit” on the family member to be changed from [My Profile > Personal related > Family members].
Change this field when the status of an already registered family member changes.(e.g., become cohabitating non cohabitating)


○Effective from : Specify the date the family addition occurred.
(Example) If you are no longer a dependent on social insurance
Spouse will start work on July 1,2022, and she wants to withdraw from dependent care, then set "07/01/2022".
(Example) No longer living together
If you are no longer living together, set the effective date as the date you moved out on your residence certificate.
And If you are a non-resident (going abroad) or no longer living with your family member, please register address of him.

Non resident


Not living together


■Social insurance settings

When a change in social insurance dependents occurs, change the "Social insurance settings" section.
If you want to change your social insurance dependents: Please refer to "2.Social insurance settings".
If you are no longer a Social Insurance Dependent: Set "No" to "Social insurance settings".

■Tax settings

If there is a change in dependents under the tax law, please change [Tax settings] - [Tax deduction eligible wife/family member].
If you become a dependent for tax purposes: Please refer to <2. Enter family members information>-<Tax setting>.
If you are no longer a dependent for tax purposes: Set "No" to "Tax deduction eligible wife/family member".

■Income settings

If you become a dependent for Income setting, please refer to <2. Enter family members information >-<Income setting>.

Note: In case of bereavement of a dependent

the "effective from" doesn't need to change (the area circled by the red dotted line).
Instead of deleting family members, please enter the date of death (where it is circled in green).

If you are eligible for the deduction for dependents, do not delete the person form workcloud for that year, as the deduction for dependents will be applicable for that year.

After completing the year-end tax-adjustment for that year, delete the data of dependents for bereavement in the following year.


Delete family Members



Click ”Edit” on the family member to be deleted from [My Profile > Personal related > Family members].


Click "Request Delete" at the bottom of the screen.


"Request deletion of this record?" will be displayed. Click on "Yes".


Until the deletion is approved, the following message will appear at the top of the family member to be deleted.

■Cancel request

If you accidentally delete a family member, you can undo the deletion before your supervisor's approval.


Click "Edit" for the person you wish to undelete.


Click on "yes".



■Timing of Deletion

Deletion is used when a family member is no longer a family member (e.g. divorce, etc.).

As noted in the Change section, in the case of bereavement, please apply for deletion the following year.

・Click here for the Japanese version of this manual.

・For additional information for administrators regarding expiration date settings, please click here.   
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