Commute Allowance Registration (for commute wizard use)

To register commute allowances using the commute wizard, please follow the steps below.
*If your company would like to use this function in the future, could you please contact Workcloud support?

How to register
When fares are revised

How to register


① Click Employees [My Profile].
② Click "Payroll" - "Commute allowance".


③ Click "Add new commute allowance."
Note: If you have never registered for commute allowance before and this is your first time, please proceed immediately to step ④.


If there is a commutate allowance in use, then "Add a brand new commute allowance / route" and "Add multiple commute allowance / route" are shown next. 
If you are moving or otherwise changing your commute route, select "Add a brand new commute allowance / route. "
If you wish to add to your existing commute allowance, select "Add multiple commute allowance / route". (e.g.: you commute by train, but you also use the bus from your home to the nearest station before taking the train)


If you select "Add a brand new commute allowance / route," specify the end date of the commute allowance currently in use on the next screen and click (Save).


④ Select from the list the commute method to be used.
Note: Depending on your company's setting, some commute methods may not be shown in the example above.


⑤ Click "Next."

(e.g.) Request at Kichijoji station - Tokyo station from June 1, 2022.


⑥ Specify the date from the calendar when you want to start using that route.
⑦ Enter the start station (or bus stop) and destination station (or bus stop).
When entered, candidates will be displayed by referring to JORUDAN's transfer guide. Please select the appropriate one.
Note: If you are using the English display screen, be sure to enter the station name (bus stop name) in English. If you enter a station name (bus stop name) in Japanese on the English screen, you will not be able to search for the station (bus stop).

⑧ Click "Next."


⑨ A list of possible routes will be displayed. Select the route you will use.
⑩ Click "Next."


⑪ Select the period for which the commute allowance is to be paid from the "Allowance period" list.


⑫ Click "Next."


⑬ A confirmation screen will appear. If proof of commutation is required, please attach it.
Note: Depending on company rules, the maximum commute allowance amount may be set, and a confirmation message will be displayed if the amount exceeds that amount.
Although the message is displayed, you can still apply for the allowance.

Click "Next."


⑭ You have completed your request.
Note: The maximum commute allowance amount will be set and if the amount is below that amount, the registration may be completed as is without approval.


■Example of display when transferring between bus and train

You enter the start station (or bus stop) and destination station (or bus stop), and the total amount of the connecting route will be displayed.




■No candidates appear for station or bus stop names when typed

Station or bus stop names may not appear in the candidate list due to reasons such as transportation companies that cannot be searched by JORUDAN.
In that case, you cannot use the Commute wizard, so you have to enter the information from an another screen that opens by clicking "If your commute can’t be handled by this form, please enter it manually".

Please enter your own total commute expenses.




When fares are revised

When transportation fares are revised, Workcloud does not automatically reflect the revised fares.
You are required to make a new request for the commute allowance you are currently using.
The revised "Commute allowance start date" will vary from company to company.


Click here for the Japanese version of this manual.

・For registrations that do not use the Commuter Wizard, please click here.
 Register (Change) commute allowance
・If you use an automobile or motorcycle and are asked to register the commuting distance rather than the amount
    Commute allowance for automobile / motorcycle use (Cases of registering commute distance)

・If you work at more than one store or otherwise work at different locations on different days, see here. 
 Register multiple commute expenses
 Note: *Refer to the "For employees" and register.



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