2023 Year-End Tax User Manual 【For Administrator】②

4. Checking Progress and Updating Status
  Year end tax home
   ① [Confirmation of each badge recipient]
   ② [Confirmation of eligible employees for each item]
  Changing status
   There is an application for a personal change from year end tax wizard.
     【Notes when adding a spouse or family member】
   There are various certificates to be submitted.
      A. To update multiple employees
      B. To update individually

Checking YTA Flow Overview
You can check the process of submitting tax filings, starting from the wizard input request email.

ADMIN[Year end tax] - [Year end tax] - [About year end taxes]

The next step is to send request to year end tax wizard email.

4. Checking Progress and Updating Status

YEAR-END TAX ADJUSTMENT DASHBOARD can be used to check the progress and status.
By clicking on each badge or the name of the item, such as "Eligible" or "Ineligible," you will be able to see who is eligible for each.

Year end tax home

Overall progress and status can be checked from the Year end tax home screen.
Click on the desired field to display employees that apply.

[Confirmation of each badge recipient]

Click on the badge at the top of the screen to display the filtered targets at the bottom of the screen.

[Confirmation of eligible employees for each item]

Click the field you would like to check. The appropriate employee list will be displayed below.

If the employee has requested a change of status from the YTA wizard (there is a change request), please refer to "There is an application for a personal change from year end tax wizard" in the following [Changing status] and "Verify changes" or reject the request.

Changing status

As shown in the previous section, if the “Next action” is anything other than “Completed,” click on the “Next action” shown in blue (a link) to proceed to the next status.

There is an application for a personal change from year end tax wizard.

Two badges will be displayed, one for change requests other than family member and the other for changes requests related to family members.
Make sure that the subject's personal change application is verified.

If there are various deduction certificates attached from the employee, please also complete this action before proceeding to the next action.

① Click “View change requests”  in “Next action”.

② The "Pending year end tax change requests" screen will open (Requests for personal change for year end tax only).

③ Confirm the changes and check the items to be confirmed.
④ Click on "Verify changes".

⑤Change requests other than family member will be moved to "Verified". The family member changes requests will be moved to "Verified/applied".
"Verified" and the name of the confirmed employee will be displayed.

Clicking on each item (Pending normal, etc.)" will display only the corresponding requests.

To check other employee change requests, click on “Return to list” at the upper right corner of the screen.

**Other change requests can be approved from this screen**
ADMINS[Year end tax] -[Year end tax] - [Year end tax change requests]

Note: In the screen where you clicked on "Pending," make sure it is verified.
       The procedure is the same as when you do it on the target employee's screen.

Click each item (e.g. "Pending") to see the filtered results.


To return to Year end tax home page, click on “Return to year end tax home” at the upper right corner of the screen.

For employees who have only changed their personal and have not submitted various certificates, this is complete.
Ceridian will update the status after this.

【Notes when adding a spouse or family member】

This year's year end tax adjustment wizard allows employees to add new spouses and family member from the wizard.
However, their entry screen does not have fields for setting up social insurance dependent and tax dependents for the spouse (or family member).
Both of those settings are set at "Yes (On) ".
Even the Admin authority cannot change it in "Year end tax change requests" screen as shown in the figure below.

Therefore, if any of the below applies to them, we will make the change. Would mind telling our operator if employees contact you?

●Social insurance dependent: Yes Tax dependent: No
●Social insurance dependent: No Tax dependent: Yes

Flow if applicable
1. Employee contacts your HR or other department in charge of your company

If the employee has a spouse (or family member) added in YTA wizard as "Social insurance dependent: Yes, Tax dependent: No" or "Social insurance dependent: No, Tax dependent: Yes," notify the department in charge, such as HR, of the change.
* We have written it in the employee manual.
2023 Year-End Tax Wizard User Manual③Confirmation of spouse / family information

2. Your department member contacts our operator

If an employee contacts you, please let us know via "Year end tax > Support tickets > Support tickets". If you are not using this YTA inquiry function, please contact our operator by e-mail or other means. We will make that change.
What you want us to know
  "The employee's name and employee ID" and "Dependent details to be changed."


There are various certificates to be submitted.

① Click "Wizard completed" on the Year-end tax adjustment dashboard page.
    The corresponding employee will be displayed in the bottom row.

② This includes employees who have approved all "all change requests" in the previous section.
They will be displayed as follows.
  ・Processing status:       Non-changes requests "Evidence uncollected"
                                         Changes requests “Change requests verified”
  ・Next action:                “Set as collected”

③ Click "Set as collected".

④ “Apply this action to this employee?” message box will be displayed.
      Select either action A or B.

 A. To update multiple employees

Choose and click this action to update multiple employees with the same “Next action” in bulk.
In the Bulk settings screen, add the target employees and click “Set selected as [Collected].”

 B. To update individually

Choose and click this action to update individually.

⑤ If you set the certificate as "Set as collected", it will be displayed as shown below.
  ・Processing status:      “Evidence collected”
  ・Next action:                “Sent to vendor”


【What to do after the evidence is sent to Ceridian】
    *Only the employee who collected the evidence
Be sure
to change the status to the next action "Sent to vendor" after ”Evidence collected".

① When you have confirmed that the certificate is attached, click "Sent to vendor".
Select either multiple employees or this employee on the confirmation screen to update.

② The "Next action" will be updated to "Done".

After the Done status, the processing status will be updated by Ceridian.





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