Year-End Tax Adjustment inquiries 【For employees】-Employee direct (inbound / outbound)

For questions regarding Year-End Tax Adjustment (YTA), use the “Year end tax inquiries” screen.

EMPLOYEES [Year end tax] - [Year end tax] -  [Year end tax inquiries]

You are able to view all of your YTA inquiries in the below screen.


[When sending an inquiry]
① Click on “Add an inquiry” to enter details.
② Type in the subject.
③ Type in your inquiry in as much detail as possible.
④ You can attach files if needed by clicking “Select file.”
⑤ Click “Create.”

Note: Your inquiry will be sent to your company’s payroll vendor (Ceridian) and to your company’s HR administrator in charge of YTA. Responses will be provided from the vendor.


[Checking your inquiries]
When an inquiry is created, number of inquiries and status will be displayed.


[When replying to your HR or vendor]
① Confirm the content of the inquiry from HR or the vendor (Ceridian). Then type your reply.
② You can attach files if needed by clicking “Select file.”
③ Click “Send.”

〈When replying to an inquiry from an vendor〉
At ③, you can choose to reply to either your HR or the vendor (Ceridian).


[Description of additional information]
If you wish to send additional information about the inquiry you created, follow the steps below.

① Click "Open (vendor)".
② Select the inquiry you want to add.
③ Click "Actions".
④ Click "Edit Inquiry".
⑤ On the edit screen, type the additional information.
⑥ Click "Save".

When the vendor responds, you will receive an email notification.
Go to this Year End Tax Inquiries Page to check the contents of the response. If the response answers your question, please reply back to indicate the inquiry is closed.

When the inquiry is addressed and completed, it will be classified as Closed.



Questions regarding the system should be sent by clicking the green “?” mark showing at the bottom right corner of your screen.




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