Registering My Number in Workcloud 【For employees】

In Workcloud, there is a screen where employees can register the My Number information of them and their family members.

1. Register your My Number Tax ID
2. Register My Number of your dependents

1. Register your My Number Tax ID

Employees will be able to enter My Number information when they receive the input request email.

1-1 Click the "Enter information" button (link to Workcloud's My Number entry screen) in the body of the email you received.

Note: Alternatively, go to the EMPLOYEES[My Profile] and click [Personal related] - [My Number Tax ID].

1-2 Check "I agree with the above purpose of use" and click "Enter My Number info".

1-3 Enter your number of My Number and attach images of your MY Number certificate and other documents.
1-4 Click “Save”.

1-5 Click “Request My Number verification”.

2. Register My Number of your dependents

If you have dependents, continue to enter their My Number from the "My Number information for dependents" shown on the same screen.
Note: If you don't have any dependents, complete "1. Register your  My Number".

2-1 Click “Edit dependents My Number ID”.
      Or click on "My Profile" and then "Family members".

2-2 Click “Edit”.

2-3 Enter My Number of the dependent and click "Submit changes".

The administrators will process the application for my number. When contacted by the administrators, you will respond accordingly.


Click here for the Japanese version of this manual.

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