Add employees to Workcloud (Upload in bulk)

When adding employees to Workcloud via bulk upload, please follow the steps below.

 1. Template preparation for input
 2. Upload file
  〈Invitation email〉
Checking imported employee information


Click on ADMINS [Data import].
Click on "Import all (master) data.

Download the template for upload on this screen.
Upload the completed template from here as well.


1. Template preparation for input

① Click on "Download template with no data."

Open the downloaded template and click "Enable Editing" at the top of the screen.

Delete all other sheets, leaving only the "HR master."

Be sure to enter the "Employee ID," "Last name," "First name," "Employee type name," "Company email," and "Employment date."
Other required fields can be uploaded even if they are not included, but please set them if possible.

Save the file format as ".xls".
Click "Save."
*If the compatibility check confirmation screen appears, click "Continue".


2. Upload file

① Click "Choose File" and select the file completed in "1. Template preparation for input".
Click "Upload."

Displays the information loading status for the employee to be imported.
Click "Import."

A progress bar will appear.
*Since all items in the template are referenced, "importing" is displayed even for items that have not been entered, but this is not a problem.

Import is complete when the screen shown above appears.
Notes: The warning message "Importing terminated employees. Please set the deactivation date." may appear.
Please ignore this message as it does not affect the completion of the import (we plan to fix the warning message).

Invitation email

When an employee is added via bulk upload, no invitation email will be sent to that employee.
If you need to send an invitation mail, please refer to "<How to Send>" in "Add employees to Workcloud (Invitation email)".


Checking imported employee information

Click on ADMINS [Reports].
Click on "All data download" under "Others."

Remove the check from "Include all data in Excel workbook". All items in the lower row will be unchecked.
④ Check the "HR Master" box.

Enter your password.
Click "Download."
You can check the imported employee information in the downloaded report.

*The report displays information on all current employees.


・Click here for the Japanese version of this manual.

・If you want to add one employee at a time instead of uploading in bulk, see here.
 Add employees to Workcloud (Invitation email)

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