Check employees' change request history

The company admins can check the history of personal change requests from employees.
You can view pending, approved, rejected and all history.

① Click on ADMINS [Approval requests].

Click on "Change requests."
Click on what you want to see from "Pending," "Approved (90days)," "Rejected (90days)," and "History." The corresponding employee and contents will be displayed in the lower row.
*To view after selecting an employee, search by employee ID, name, or registered email address.

To download the list, click on the cloud icon; it will be output as an Excel file.
*History" does not have a download feature.


[Personal change requests made through the Year end tax adjustment wizard]

When checking the personal changes requested by the employee from the Year end tax adjustment wizard screen, click on "Year end tax change requests are managed here."


Click here for the Japanese version of this manual.

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