Office Work requests (No supervisor approval required)

For each day you work in the office, please submit your request in one of the following ways.

  • Request daily on the check in/out screen
  • Request multiple days at once on the timesheet screen

■Request daily on the check in/out screen

① Click "Submit office request" on dashboard screen.
  *It can be done before or after check-in, in any order.

② The message "Work from office on 20XX?” message will be displayed, click "Yes".

③ The employee will see the message, "Requested to work from office on 20XX.”


■Request multiple days at once on the timesheet screen

① In the "Timesheet", click "Office requests" at the top of the screen.
    *Or click "Days worked in office" on the right side of the target month.

② Select the days worked in the office.
③ Click “Request selected”.

④ "Requested to work from office on selected dates." is displayed at the top of the screen.

⑤ The number of days requested will be reflected in the "Office" and the status will be "Approved".



[For companies using PitTouch]
No application is required for days worked in or out using PitTouch.


**About the display of "Days worked in office" in timesheet**
The "Days worked in office XX/XX" in the timesheet screen shows how many days have been approved for the number of working days in the timesheet.

Example of the figure below: Days worked in office 5/19
■Denominator(e.g. “19”) The number of worked days in the month in timesheet
*If you take paid leave, etc., the total number of days will not match the total in the "office requests" (the number of weekdays in that month).
■Numerator(e.g. “5”) Number of days approved
*This includes approval days when start/end time is not registered.


Worked 19 days; 5 days already requested for and auto-approved, 9 days not yet requested for.


**About each days of office requests**



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