Document library (For admins & HR managers)

The "Document library" allows employees to view and download files uploaded by admins and HR managers (but not by employees).

When an admin or HR manager uploads a file, it is displayed to all employees.
When setting up, you can make documents such as work rules accessible to all employees, or limit access to documents that are only viewed by supervisory level employees to supervisors. You may limit by employee category (Full timers, Directors, Contract workers, etc.).
Accessibility can also be set for pre-employment and post-employment.

Note: It is not possible to specify employee names or employee IDs to allow viewing (downloading) only to selected employees.

With the May 22, 2024 release, company admins can begin using the Document library feature.

Start using Document library

 Step1. Create file categories
 Step2. Upload files
Notify employees of document files (Optional)

Start using Document library

① Click the ADMINS [Company settings].
② Click "HR" - "HR management settings."

③ Click "Edit." 

④ Set up the “Document library usage”.

⑤ Click "Save." 

To allow only specific employees other than the admins to use the feature when "Usage: Admin-only" is set.
When "Admin-only" is set, only specific employees other than admins can be allowed to use the feature. We recommend this for testing before company-wide use, for example.
The usage settings for specific employees are made on the "Manage employees > Settings > Feature access" screen.
For the "Admin-only" setting, you can change from Off to On from the Edit screen (there is no place to change from On to Off for the "Admin and employees" setting).
When the use is changed to on, the employee will see the menu of features that have been turned on.



First, create a category name for the file that will be the major category and determine the range of files that can be viewed. Next, upload the document file to be viewed.

① Click the ADMINS [Company settings].
② Click "HR" - "Manage Document library."

Step1. Create file categories

① Click "File categories."
② Click "Add new."

③ After this, you will set the "category name" to be displayed on the screen for uploading document files, as well as settings for viewers, access restrictions, etc.

④ Click "Save".

⑤ The category you have created will appear in the list.


Step2. Upload files

① Click "All files."
② Click "Add new."

③ The category of the file to be uploaded, the file name and description to the employee, and the file to be uploaded.

④ Click "Save".

⑤ Files you have created will appear in the list. If more file names appear in the list, you can search by file name.
If "Visible to employees?: On" is selected, employees will see the file immediately in the "Document library".


Notify employees of document files (Optional)

If you have created a document file and it is set to "Visible to employees?: On", it will appear in the "Document Library" menu of employees who can view it.
If you would like to notify specific employees by sending them a notification e-mail, please do the following

① Click on the file name for which you want to send notification.

② Click "Share with employees."

③ Enter and specify the name or employee ID to be notified.
④ Enter the message you wish to include in the body of the notification e-mail, if any (optional).
There is no field to register Japanese and English separately. If you want to send the form to several employees who use different languages, enter both Japanese and English sentences.
Or, send them separately.
(e.g., enter a Japanese message for Japanese-speaking employees and send it, then enter an English message for English-speaking employees and send it, etc.)

⑤ Click "Send."

⑥ A message will appear at the top of the screen saying that a notification email has been sent.


・Click here for the Japanese version of this manual.

・Click here for a manual that allows employees to download files in "Document library".
    Document library (For employees)

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