Onboarding entry ①Login and start Onboarding input

Before you start using Workcloud, an invitation email is sent to you from your company's HR.
From that email, you will set up a password to log into the system.
Next, you will register your information required at the time of hire from the Onboarding wizard screen.
If you can already log in before joining the company, please go to "3. Onboarding".

1.Receive an invitation email
2.First login・login for the second time or later

1.Receive an invitation email

To log in to Workcloud for the first time, you must first have received an email invitation from your company's HR.  

When you receive an email from your company's HR to your email address with the following content, follow the steps below to log in.
Note: Please note that 48 hours after the invitation email is sent, the link will become invalid and you will not be able to log in.

① You will receive an email from the system administrator (e.g. HR manager) inviting you to join Workcloud.
Click on "Set Password" in the notification email you receive. Here you will set your password.
Please refer to the notes in red beginning with "Must be between 6 and 32 characters..." to set the password.
After entering "New password" and "Password confirmation," you will be able to click "Save password."
Notes: Notes in red beginning with "Must be between 6 and 32 characters..." may vary according to company regulations.

② You click on "Save Password" and the screen changes to the login screen (https://workcloud.jp/login).


2.First login・login for the second time or later

■First login


① You enter the Workcloud URL (https://workcloud.jp/login) and the above login screen will appear. Enter your "E-mail address" and "Password", then click "Login".

② After logging in, the above screen will appear.
If you select "Enter your information," an "Onboarding" screen opens where you register your information prior to joining the company. If you select "Enter information later," the Workcloud home screen will be displayed when you log in normally.
Note: "Onboarding" is described in section "3. Onboarding" below.


■Login for the second time or later

Same as the first login you log in to Workcloud with your email address and password and you will see the home screen.

Additional information:
Prior to joining the company, the left menu displays only your profile. The figure below shows the profile screen.

The following items can be set.



You register the information required when you join the company from this screen, "NEW EMPLOYEE ONBOARD WIZARD".
Note: The items displayed in the onboarding wizard are different for each company.

■Go to onboarding screen

・First log in

When you log in to Workcloud for the first time, the above screen will appear as described in the chapter "2 First login・login for the second time or later”.


・Login for the second time or later

If you are logging in for the second time or later, click "Please complete your onboarding procedures (click here)." at the top of the home page.
Note: The above message display will not disappear unless you complete the entire onboarding wizard according to the company's rule.

Each item that needs to be filled out will be introduced later in this section.



The Onboarding Wizard is where you enter information required for HR settings, payroll, etc. prior to or at the time of hire.
You will see items such as personal details, address details, spouse, family members, emergency contacts, work history, and other items to be registered as determined by the company. You register those required fields.
Read the description and click on "Start date input". You can enter the information in the flow.


・Next "②Basic information about you and your family". Click here.

・Click here for the Japanese version of this manual.
 「オンボーディングの入力 ①ログイン・オンボーディング入力の開始

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