Registration of Personal Information (Change) Reference Page Guide

The following are reference pages for employees to change their personal information, for example, if they change their address or commute route after joining the company.

Personal information

Change my name or other personal information

Register my new address

About family members function

Add my emergency contacts

Registering My Number in Workcloud【For employees】

Register (renew) visa information

Register (Update) your disability information


Register commute allowance

The page you refer to depends on how you commute and the registration method specified by the company.

Register (Change) commute allowance

*If the location of your commute does not change from day to day. If you have been asked to register an amount for automobile or motorcycle use.

Commute Allowance Registration (for commute wizard use)

*Those who use commute wizard to register your commute allowances

Register multiple commute expenses

*If you work at different locations on different days, e.g., if you work at more than one store.

Commute allowance for automobile/motorcycle use (Cases of registering commute distance)

*Those who use an automobile or motorcycle to commute to work and are asked to register the commute distance.


Change bank accounts

Change my bank accounts


Click here for the Japanese version of this guide.

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