Administrators set up approval delegations

If you are using the approval delegation feature, the process is as follows

1. Admins set approval delegate restriction and approval delegation method 

Please refer to this manual. Set approval delegate restriction and approval delegation method

2-A. Administrators set up approval delegations

2-B. An employee with approver privileges sets up an approver as a replacement in your absence.

Please refer to this manual. Approver sets up your own delegate approver

This page is the manual for "2-A. Administrators set up approval delegations".


Once the company administrator sets up the approval delegations feature, the employee who set it up can approve leave requests, timesheets, etc., in place of the original approver.
You set up approval delegations for an employee with approver privileges, follow the steps below.


(e.g.) During the absence of Taro Kyuyo (December 27, 2023 - January 8, 2024), Jin Tokyo will approve all requests that reach Taro Kyuyo.


①Enter the employee ID or name(Kanji/Katakana/English) of the employee with approver privileges to be set.
Click "Search".

②Click on "Approval delegations" in the settings.

③Click "Add new".
If the approver is the team leaders by default, "(Leader)" is displayed to the right of the team name.

④Enter the name or employee ID of the employee you wish to set as his/her substitute approver in the "Delegate name" field. Then decide on the delegate approver.
* Depending on your company’s settings, employee that can be specified may be limited.
In such cases, select from the employee names displayed in the pull-down menu.

⑤Select "Approval type".

⑥Select the "Start date" and "End date" from the calendar.
⑦Click <Save>.

⑧When the settings are complete, the above figure is displayed.

After completing this setting, the employee you designate as the approver (in the example: Jin Tokyo) will approve from the start date to the end date.

After the end date, the original approver (not the delegate approver) will approve the requests as usual.
* To change the end date, shorten or extend the end date.


Click here for the Japanese version of this manual.



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