File box (No workflow) For Admins & HR managers

The "File box" allows not only admins but also employees to upload files. The files can then be shared by both admins and employees.
When an admin uploads a file, only the target employee(s) will see the file.
Depending on the settings, the "File box" can be used as a "view only" file storage area where admins can upload files and employees can only "view" or not view them.
Note: The name used by the admins and HR managers is "File box", but the menu name used by employees is "My files".

With the May 20, 2024 release, company admins can begin using the File box feature.
Workflows, such as request approval, can be added to the file box, but at an additional cost. Please contact us if you wish to use workflow as well.

Start using File box

 Ⅰ. Create file categories (required)
 Ⅱ. Create file types (optional)
How to use

Start using File box

① Click on Admins [Company settings].
② Click on "HR" - "HR management settings".

② Click on "Edit."

④ Set up the “Employee File box Usage usage”.

② Click on "Save."

To allow only specific employees other than the admins to use the feature when "Usage: Admin-only" is set.
When "Admin-only" is set, only specific employees other than admins can be allowed to use the feature. We recommend this for testing before company-wide use, for example.
The usage settings for specific employees are made on the "Manage employees > Settings > Feature access" screen.
For the "Admin-only" setting, you can change from Off to On from the Edit screen (there is no place to change from On to Off for the "Admin and employees" setting).
When the use is changed to on, the employee will see the menu of features that have been turned on.



First, create a category name for the file to determine the range of accessibility.
You can also create a "file category" as a major category and a "file type" as a further minor category.

① Click on Admins [Company settings].
② Click on "HR" - "File box settings".


Ⅰ. Create file categories (required)

① Click "Add new."

② Set the "category name" to be displayed on the screen for uploading document files, access restrictions, etc.

③ Click "Save."

The file categories you have created will be listed.


Ⅱ. Create file types (optional)

You may use this feature only to create "File categories," or you may create further subcategories within the "File categories" you have created.
Subcategories are created as "File types.
(Examples) ●File category "Onboarding related"
                ―File type "Confidentiality agreement"
                ―File type "Medical checkup at the time of hiring"
                   ●File category "Entry related"
                ―File type "Family Assist Application"
                ―File type "Rent Assist Application"

To create a file type, follow the steps below.

① Click on the name of the file category you have already created.

② Click on "Add New" for the File types at the bottom of the screen.

③ Set the "Name" and description, etc. to be displayed on the screen for uploading document files.

④ Click "Save."
Note: If you want to continue registering more file types, click "Save and add another". A Save and create new file type screen will open.

The created file type will be displayed at the bottom of the corresponding file category.

In the file category list screen, it is displayed next to the corresponding category name, as shown in the figure above.

How to use

When you upload a file to a specific employee, you upload it in the "File box" under "Manage employee > Settings > File management".
If an employee uploads the file, you can view it.

① After searching for the target employee, click on "Manage employee > Settings > File management".

② Click "Upload a file" in the "File box.

③ Select a file category (and file type) and upload the file from "Select file".
To delete the uploaded file and upload another file, click "Clear" and then upload again.

④ Click "Save."

⑤ Click "Publish."
*A notification e-mail will be sent to the target employee at this time.

⑥ The file has been published to the subject employee.

The employee will be able to view this file. 

There are two display orders: "Order by date" and "Order by category". The initial display is "Order by date".
If there are many files and it is difficult to find the file you are looking for, we recommend that you search by "Order by category".

Order by date The most recent file in the "Upload time" list is at the top of the list. The date and time are displayed in descending order from the most recent to the oldest (see the figure above).

Order by category It is displayed for each file category name. If there are multiple files in the same file category name, the file with the most recent "Upload time" is listed first. The date and time are displayed in descending order from the most recent to the oldest.


・Click here for the Japanese version of this manual.

・Click here for a manual that allows employees to upload and download files in "My files".
   My files (No workflow) For employees

File deliveries
If you want to send & publish multiple files at once to multiple employees on one screen, please click here.
File box (File deliveries)

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