Register notes on payslips

Company admins can now register notes on payslips (released April 1, 2024).
To register notes, please follow the steps below.


 “File upload” and  “Batch manual entry”
  ■File upload
  ■Batch manual entry
  ■Individual entry

Employee-side display screen


① Click on ADMINS “Company settings”.
② The “Payroll & Payslips” window under “Payroll” will open.
Click on “Edit” under “Payslip settings”.

Specify “Allow company admins to edit payslip comments: On”.
Click on “Save.”



There are three entry methods: “File upload,” “Batch manual entry,” and “Individual entry.
The timing of entry is basically done after the subject salary/bonus/retirement allowance calculation is finalized.
You may enter notes even after the payslip has been locked.
A maximum of three notes can be displayed.

“File upload” and  “Batch manual entry”

Click on ADMINS “Payroll”.
Mouse over the three dots to the right of the appropriate payroll name (e.g., May 2024 payroll) for which you are entering notes.
Click on “Notes management” under “Results.”

The procedure after this is divided into “File upload” and “Batch manual entry”.
Please refer to here for the “Batch manual entry” procedure.
■Batch manual entry

File upload

This is useful for registering multiple “Notes” for multiple employees.
You can download a template, enter the content, and then upload the file for registration.

Click on the green cloud icon under “Payslip notes.”

Click on “Download template.”

Open the downloaded template and click on “Enable Editing”.
Delete rows for non-target employees.

Enter “Notes” (“Notes (2)” and “Notes (3)”) for the subject employees.

< Entry Notes>
If you need to enter multiple notes, enter “Notes (2)” and “Notes (3)” in this order. When entering multiple notes, be sure to start with “Notes”.
If notes have already been entered, the subject employee's notes field will be overwritten when you upload the file (including blank notes in the template).
Up to three “Notes” can be displayed.

Select the file type “.xls” format.
Click on “Save.”
*When the compatibility check confirmation screen appears, click “Continue.

Click on “Select file.”

Specify the file created in .
Select “Data starts from now.”
Click on “Upload.”

Displays the information loading status for the employee to be imported.
Click on “Import.”

The import is complete when it appears on the screen as shown above.


Batch manual entry

This is useful when you want to register the same text to “Notes” for multiple employees.

Click on “Manual note.”
Enter the employee ID, name (Kanji/Katakana/English) or e-mail address of the target employee and click “Search”.
*You may proceed to the next step without searching.

⑥ Place a ✓ in the □ to the left of the subject name. 
    If you wish to “Add to all payslips,” ✓ is not required.
⑦ Enter the text to be displayed in the Notes field.
⑧ Select “Target field.”
⑨ Select “Add to selected payslips” (to add only those employees who have been ✓'d in step ⑥) or “Add to all payslips” (to add to all employees on eligible payslips).

< To delete registered text>
Select “Remove from selected payslips” (to delete the added notes only from the employees who have been ✓'d in step ⑥)
Or, select “Delete from all payslips” (if you want to delete the added notes from all eligible payslips).

Click on “Apply action.”

⑪ If the above figure appears on the screen, the entry is complete.


Individual entry

Enter the employee ID or name (Kanji/Katakana/English) of the employee for whom you want to enter “Notes” to search.

Click on “Payroll / Year end” - “Payslips”.

Click on the payslip for which you want to enter “Notes.”
Click “Edit” under “Notes” on the right side of the screen.
(Clicking on “Bulk edit notes” will take you to the “Notes management” screen.)

⑤ Enter text in the “Notes” field for the subject.
    Up to three remarks can be displayed.
< About “Viewable only admin” >
The “Viewable only admin” can only be entered from an individual employee's screen.
If you register for “Viewable only admin,” it will not appear on the employee's screen. So that employee will not be able to view it.

Click on “Save.”

When completed, it will be displayed as shown in the above figure. (Example of display with three notes)


Employee-side display screen

Display in the “Payslips” menu


Download payslip

It will be displayed on the bottom line.
Depending on the amount of information in the entire payslip, Notes may be displayed on the second page.


Click here for the Japanese version of this manual.

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